The Essence of Agility

                                        The Essence of Agile




 – What is Agile?
 – Agile over ancient models
 – My first encounter with Agile
 – Process Learning & Improvement
 – Common mistakes and fall-backs

 What is Agile?

  Agile Development: Continuous integration as ‘Only change is constant’

–  Individuals & Interactions over process and tool.
–  Working Software over comprehensive documentation.
–  Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
–  Responding to change over following a plan


Agile over ancient models

Waterfall Model:

  – Understanding & writing Specifications
  – Performing in-depth analysis and design
  – Developers should follow the specifications
  – Testing after implementation
  – Delivering the finished result to user


Agile Model:

   – Self-organized & self-driven team
   – Collective responsibility
   – Smart work rather than hard work
   – Face-to-face conversation.
   – Deliver working software frequently
   – Welcome Changing requirements
   –  Satisfy the Customer rather than negotiations.


My first encounter with Agile

It was the First encounter with Agile; we practiced many ways in our project which was again a good learning on Agile.

First basic requirement of Agile is be adaptive and be ready for the Change.

– Used Mingle, Story Boards, Charts (Kanban) for sprint planning.
–  Story weight age – Fibonacci (as per time or difficulty)
– Retrospectives (Some Retros can be done even on lunch table)
– Pair Programming, TDD,
– Short Demos and interactive discussions
– Continuous Integration

 If you are following Agile then ‘CHANGE IS INEVITABLE’

Process Learning & Improvements 

As a newbie, few interesting learning experiences which I learnt through are:

 MOSCOW Principle: Integrating your requirements in 4-5 parts mainly

                                       – Must have
                                       – Should have
                                       – Could have
                                       – Would have
                                       – & nice to have ()

 And thus prioritize your stories accordingly.

 SCRUMMING the Scrum:

 – Change something daily to improve something i.e

        – may be cleaning your code.
        – cleaning your work place.
        – may be improving your test coverage.
        – may be some small enhancement in UI apart from routine work.

Few common mistakes & practices might lead agility to fragility. . To avoid that few key requirements are as:

Regular Retrospectives – indulge transparency in team & business people.

Daily Standup
Estimation of story points – proper estimation of stories.
Short term Demos – can minimize your iterations.


In short  my learning is Agility comes from within by adopting it more in you ! 



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